This is a CyanogenMod 10.1 port for the S7300B Android handheld gamepad by JXD. The CyanogenMod port is using parts of the official Android 4.1 code release by the company and doesn’t rely on firmware binary blobs. Provided that no major changes happen in the Android/CyanogenMod source, we could *always* have the latest CyanogenMod (and ParanoidAndroid/Ubuntu Touch/Firefox OS/whatever) version. It’s a work in progress and my first ever Android ROM/port. This post will always contain the latest release of the CyanogenMod 10.1 port for the JXD S7300B. I’m releasing the ROM for use mainly because I haven’t had any progress in the past month. I’m also planning on releasing the source in the near future (sources are not GPL, sorry).

What doesn’t work (aka TODO list)

  • USB storage mounting
  • Camera orientation (it’s rotated 270°)
  • HW acceleration in videos
  • Surprise me 😀

How to install

  1. Make sure the device is running the latest JXD stock ROM, or at least a ROM based on stock v2.1 or newer!
  2. Download the latest CWM/CM version from below and place it on the root of the external SD card
  3. Boot into CWM by using Volume+ and Power, use the D-pad and A/B buttons to navigate
  4. Important: Choose “wipe data/factory reset” first, this will repartition the device to use the new datamedia layout
  5. Navigate to “install zip” and apply the zip you downloaded
  6. Optional but recommended: Install latest gapps
  7. Reboot and enjoy!


14/10/13: First (ever) release


Download CWM (14/10/13)

Download CM (14/10/13)

Obligatory “pics or didn’t happen”

CyanogenMod 10.1 for JXD S7300B

Special thanks go to Vektor, ChristianTroy and everyone who helped with testing!